We buy broken LCD and Plasma TVs

Do you have full or partial truckloads of new, salvaged broken screen LCD and plasma TVs? If so, we would be interested in purchasing those units!

What we’re looking for: We prefer cosmetically-damaged, new TVs. These TVs typically have cracked screens due to freight shipping, and we’re interested in bulk quantities of 100+ TVs.

What we’ll probably pass on: Individual TVs, whether they are new or used. We also don’t usually purchase TV parts in small quantities. Like we mentioned above, we are looking for loads of TVs in quantities of 100-500 TVs or more.

If you have a load of new, cosmetically-damaged TVs that matches what we’re looking for, please send us an email (purchasing[at]shopjimmy.com) and include a manifest and pictures of your TV load. We will respond as quickly as possible!