How to Find the Power Supply Part Number in Your TV

How to Find the Power Supply Part Number in Your TV

We'll admit, it's much easier starting your TV repair journey by looking at the back of your TV and searching by your TV model number. While that's not the worst place to start, once you know which part you need to replace, it's much better to find its part number and search our website with that information. You'll significantly increase your chances of a successful repair and save time and money. Is that enough convincing to open up your TV and get started? We hope so!

If you landed on this page and made it this far, you're probably thinking that your power supply might be failing in your TV. Let's first review the power supply's purpose in a TV and common power supply symptoms.

TV Power Supply Board

What is a power supply in a TV?

Your TV’s power supply board takes the AC voltage from your outlet and converts it to various DC voltages needed to power everything in your TV.

Which symptoms does replacing your power supply fix in a TV?

A faulty power supply might present several, generic symptoms and it's important to note that these symptoms could be caused by other issues.

  • If your TV doesn’t turn on, it could be the power supply board.
  • If you see very dim video or no video on the screen, but you know your TV has power and is on, then the power supply could be bad.
  • If your TV turns on and then shuts off quickly, it could be your power supply board.

If you're still unsure if the power supply is the culprit, we suggest purchasing one of our complete TV repair kits. These kits have all of the parts for your specific TV.

Power Supply Part Number Examples

Let's walk through some major TV brands and where you can find the part number on their power supply boards. One thing to note is that most circuit boards will have multiple numbers. We do our best to list them on product pages, and we typically highlight the part number on our product images. Generally, you want to look for a part number a sticker. This will be the PCA (Printed Circuit Assembly) number.

TV Power Supply PCA Number

The number printed on the board is the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) number. Multiple PCAs can have the same PCB number.

TV Power Supply PCB Number


LG Power Supply
LG Power Supply PCA Number
LG Power Supply PCB Number


Samsung TV Main Board
Samsung Power Supply PCA Number
Samsung Power Supply PCB Number


Sony TV Power Supply
Sony Power Supply PCA Number
Sony Power Supply PCB Number


TCL TV Power Supply Board
TCL Power Supply PCA Number
TCL Power Supply PCB Number


Vizio TV Power Supply Board
Vizio Power Supply PCA Number


Hisense TV Power Supply Board
Hisense Power Supply PCA Number
Hisense Power Supply PCB Number