TV Backlight Inverter

TV Backlight Inverter

What is a TV backlight inverter?

Backlight inverters are found in older, CCFL style TVs only. These boards convert low voltage power from the power supply board and send out high voltage power to the fluorescent tubes behind the LCD screen. These tubes then light up the screen.

Which symptoms does a backlight inverter fix in a TV?

If you see very dim video or no video on the screen, but you know your TV has power and is on, then your backlight inverter(s) could be bad.

*These are helpful tips to get you started and don’t represent accurate diagnoses for every TV model and failure.

How easy is it to replace a backlight inverter?

It's easy! Once you match the part number on your backlight inverter(s) with the part number listed on this page to confirm compatibility, you’ll just need a screwdriver and the ability to remove the back of your TV and replace the board(s).